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R. L Tawde Foundation's

Sarojini College of Pharamcy, Kolhapur

Faculty List

1. Mrs. Sujata P. Choudhari (Assistant Professor)

2. Mrs. Pallavi S.Kadane (Assistant Professor)

3. Ms. SonaliK. Diwate (Assistant Professor)

4. Ms. Asawari R. Rasam (Assistant Professor)

Bachelor of Pharmacy is full time integrated course having duration is about four years. It is also classified under the paramedical field, where students get exposure about theoretical as well as practical knowledge about various types of medicines. The course having practical aspects where students will develop there practical skills which will be helpful them considering industrial applications.
This course having different subjects related with four different basic departments like, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy. All the departmental subjects having industrial applications. Institution is conducting the B.Pharm course by using syllabus reframed by Pharmacy Council of India New Delhi under Rules & Syllabus for the Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) Course , Framed under Regulation 6, 7 & 8 of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) course regulations 2014.
The department of Pharmacognosy involves the study of the natural resources including plants, minerals and animals etc. and there applications in novel drug design. During theory syllabus students will thoroughly understand about the herbal or natural raw materials, characterisation of those raw materials as well as their applications considering the medicinal value etc.
Experimental work includes study of morphology, microscopy, physicochemical evaluation, preliminary phytochemical analysis as well as standardization etc. Department of Pharmacognosy is fully dedicated to provide the excellence in education through research by well experienced faculty members. Laboratories under the Pharmacognosy department are continuously engaged in practical as well as research work including the extraction and isolation of phytoconstituents from medicinal plants, preliminary phytochemical investigation of extracts, characterisation as well as preparation of various herbal formulations. We provide practical training sessions to the final year students which will be helpful to them during their research. Department is conducting hands on training to the students to make students familiar with the available instruments and equipment’s. This training session may also enhance their research interest by knowing the applications and future scope. Department having well experienced faculty members who had contributed in departmental research by polishing the scientific papers which are Scopus indexed. Till date more than 40 research
articles are published under the department and all faculty members are trying to give their best one. The department has cultivated various plant species with medicinal value. Not the least department is always trying to build the research area related with herbs or medicinal plants, traditional medicines among the students as well as faculty So that use of natural resources will be increases devoid of major side effects.


Sr No Name Details
1 Lab Area 75Sq.m
2 Lab In charge Mrs. S P. Choudhari
3 Lab Technician Mr. P V. Banage
4 Lab Investment 202,945/-

Equipment Details

Sr No Equipment Quantity Date of purchase Make Model cost
1 Compound Microscope 26 16/2/2020 QUASMO PZ-5 84,478
2 Heating Mental 8 25/2/2017 - - 12,000
3 Thermostatic Water bath 1 26/08/2022 LABLINE - 18,350
4 Hot air oven 1 29/8/2020 Active scientific 16,992
5 Chromatography Chamber TLC 1 25/02/2017 COSLAB PI-96 275
6 Muffle Furnace 1 25/2/2017 Biotechincs BTI-36 43,000
7 Degital weighing balance 1 26/8/2022 Wenser PGB 600 8.500
8 Projection Microscope 1 05/06/2018 COSLAB VN-81v 11,000
9 Mixer 1 15/02/2023 Boss - 4,600
10 Physical balance in glass case 1 28/09/2018 - - 3,750